Then your light shall rise in the darkness

We exist to see women and their children set free from past wounds and bondages through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

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Our Efforts

When Selah Place was just a dream the Lord had given, He spoke the word Selah over that dream and gave the directive that
Selah Place
would indeed be a place for women and their children to

Mockup of Selah Place

We are raising the funds to build Selah Place

Selah Place will be a place where women and their children can learn about and begin to understand fully the healing work of the cross of Jesus Christ, to experience freedom that can be found only in Him, and to be discipled and supported as they learn to walk out life free from addictions, chains, and bondages.

Mockup of Selah PlaceMockup of Selah PlaceMockup of Selah PlaceMockup of Selah PlaceMockup of Selah PlaceMockup of Selah Place
Family walking on property

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The next step for women and their children

We will serve as the next step as we work together with other ministries that provide the initial shelter, counseling, and support for women in crisis. We will continue in the process of helping rebuild their lives as we teach them how to walk in freedom through discipleship and mentorship.

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