Our Mission & Vision

We want to see women and their children set free from past wounds and bondages through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

The vision of Selah Place Inc is to be a place where women and their children can live in community as they learn who they are in Christ, how to walk in the freedom found in him, discover their God-given purpose, and ultimately bring praise and honor to their heavenly Father.

Selah is a word that is found in the bible. It appears 71 times in the book of Psalms and an additional 3 times in the book of Habbakuk. Despite the frequency of its use, the exact definition of Selah has eluded Bible scholars. Many believe it appears to be a musical directive, signaling the musician to rest. Some other definitions derived from the word’s usage in the bible include:  “to pause”, “to praise, lift up, and pause”, and, “to pause and praise God for His mercy, power, sustaining grace, and sufficiency”.  In place of the term “Selah”, the Amplified Bible uses the terminology, “pause and calmly think about that”

When SELAH PLACE was just a dream the Lord had given, He spoke the word Selah over that dream and gave the directive that Selah Place would indeed be a place for women and their children to PAUSE, REST, and REFLECT ON THE GOODNESS OF OUR GOD.

That dream became a clear vision, and now that vision is becoming a reality. Soon women who have come through difficult times and difficult seasons and have begun the process of healing, will have the opportunity to take the next step in the direction of a new beginning. 

Selah Place has been and will continue to work closely with other ministries that provide the initial shelter, counseling, and support for women in crisis.  These ministries work with women who have been newly rescued from sex trafficking, recently released from the prison system, recently completed the first steps of rehabilitation from drug addiction, and women who have been identified as “at risk” for losing their children to the welfare system for a myriad of reasons. These other organizations and ministries walk women through the beginning stages of rescue and healing. Selah Place will exist to serve as the next step for women and for their children as they complete the programs of these other ministries and continue in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Selah Place will be a safe sanctuary where women and their children can live as they rebuild their lives together. But more than just providing a shelter, Selah Place will be a place where women and their children can learn about and begin to understand fully the healing work of the cross of Jesus Christ, to experience freedom that can be found only in Him, and to be discipled and supported as they learn to walk out life free from addictions, chains, and bondages of the enemy and of this world.