Our CURRENT Efforts & Needs


While we are in the process of building the Selah Place residence, the Lord has given us an opportunity to minister to a few families. We have begun discipleship and support which has allowed us to begin building our discipleship program and make adjustments while we are still operating on a smaller scale. This has been a blessing to both us and the families. Beginning Summer and Fall 2022, we plan to rent two homes near the Selah Place location to provide housing and full scale programming with these families.



Right now our main need is for volunteers who feel led to help with discipleship and mentoring of these families. If the Lord has laid it on your heart to help with any part of mentoring and supporting the families we are serving, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. All volunteers for these roles will be screened and interviewed and will be required to complete provided training. Click the button below and choose Selah Place as your area of interest and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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Our FUTURE Efforts

A Place To Rest and Reset

Located in Pinellas County, Florida, Selah Place is a peaceful, retreat-like setting in the midst of a busy metropolitan area. It has been said many times of this hidden sanctuary that “cares seem to melt away and peace overwhelm you as you cross the threshold of the property”. The natural park-like setting provides the perfect space for women and their children to begin to rebuild their lives on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ within a supportive, loving community.

 A Place to Call Home

The community setting will consist of 7 private single-family homes. Although small, each home will contain a full kitchen, family room, bathroom, 2-3 bedrooms and a private front porch. These houses will provide low-cost, comfortable accommodations for families for 15-18 months.

A Place to Grow in Community

While privacy for every family to live and grow together is an important value of Selah Place, growing in Community is also an integral part of the program. A community center in the middle of campus will consist of space and accommodations for the community’s families to meet, eat, fellowship, worship, study, and learn together. A computer lab, prayer room, community kitchen, and laundry facilities will be available for use of Selah’s residents as well. 

A Place to Restart and Rebuild

Part of “getting back on one’s feet” consists of learning or relearning how to exist and live free from past vices. Women will be given the necessary support to begin to function as contributing members of society. Securing a job and beginning to save for future housing will be the first step. Women will also be provided with guidance in accessing services and resources within the local community. Education and job-training  will be strongly encouraged and fully supported.

A Place to Find Freedom

As part of the program at Selah Place, all women and their children will be taught the truth about Jesus Christ, his desire to have a relationship with them, and the true freedom that can be found only in him. Families will be given opportunities to participate in Bible studies, worship services,  and one-on-one mentorship to aid in their spiritual growth. Because we so firmly believe Jesus Christ is our only true source of hope, peace, and freedom, a desire to learn and grow in relationship with Him is a must for women coming to Selah Place.